SkyBeanChaseCam is unique product dedicated to record awesome videos and photos from position behind the paragliding/paramotor pilot. The shape is fine tuned to achieve as stable picture as possible without electronic stabilization. We spent hundreds of hours by heavy development using aerodynamic simulations and wind tunnel, what finally let you capture your flight safely from a different perspective than you used to be.

Suitable for various action cameras - GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 and GoPro Hero Session or GoPro Hero 5 Session (ChaseCam does not include GoPro camera).
We created simple, but sophisticated device, so everyone is able to launch smoothly and safe, with chasecam on board or from ground.
Construction is made from lightweight and durable plastic.
ChaseCam is absolutely safe to use and does not affect the quality of flight.
Stable record from ChaseCam is achieved by using aerodynamically stable profile, which was developed during hours of CFD simulations and with practical tests in windtunnel.

Camera case is made from tough material, which protects it during non ideal takeoffs and landings. Wings are made from flexible material and are assembled with laces, so it is hard to break it.


SkyBean ChaseCam weight is only 170 grams. In normal flight (aprox. 40km/h), it produces about 1.5N brake force, enough to fly in safe distance from lines. 

SkyBean ChaseCam is connected to canopy with bungee rope, stretched only 13% during normal flight, what brings extra safety in case, if accidentally  tangled up in lines. Please read user guide on our support page.


package contains

  • Head - camera case (GoPro Hero 3/4, GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Hero 5 Session)
  • Silicon band for fixing the camera
  • Bungee rope with clip for canopy connection
  • Wings (ChaseCam body)
  • Laces (ChaseCam body)
  • Velcro (for harness launch)

camera security

We upgraded design for maximum security of your GoPro Hero 3/4 action camera. Fix the camera in chasecam head with silicon band. White silicon band can be found in the package.


ChaseCam heads are produced with the newest available technology of 3D printing.  

For specific technical information and user guide in various languages, please visit our support page.

SkyBean ChaseCam will become your personal cameraman, which will record your flying adventures like nobody else. For best stability and quality of capture, please be sure to make setting procedure described in this video and in user guide on our support page.

SkyBean ChaseCam will defaultly come disassembled. It takes about 30 minutes to make it finished. For best stability and quality of capture, please be sure you make correctly assembly procedure described in this video and in user guide at our support page.

SkyBean ChaseCam was developed especially with focus on safety. During normal flight, chasecam flies back enough, with no effect to glider or flight speed. But as active pilots, we know what can happen in the air, so we also tested non standard flight situations.

When you activate your speed system or you will turn a spiral, increased speed will produce more brake force and bungee rope will be stretched more, therefore chasecam will go more away from glider and scene takes entire canopy and pilot. There is some possibility of chasecam tangle if incorrectly exit from the spiral, like during big wing-over. You can see little kick in capture, when you enter or leave strong thermal, but don't worry safety level is high. Small wing-overs will bring chasecam closer to lines with nice video effect. Really big wingovers can tangle chasecam into lines, but with no safety effect, just scene will face somewhere away. During asymmetrical collapse, dynamic or held, glider is still moving forward, so chasecam still produces braking force, so this maneuver won't tangle the chasecam. Dynamic frontstall is usually recovered very fast with some altitude lost, which will ensure no effect to chasecam position against glider. During B-stall, glider will lost its forward speed and therefore chasecam can be tangled into lines, particularly if you pull it dynamically.


  • 149.00€